• Perfecting Your 
    Visual Image

    Image consultancy service to help you build a capsule wardrobe that reflects your personal style.

What is Glibzter WOW?

Glibzter WOW is your personal image consultant helping you enhance your visual image through personal styling recommendations. We plan to introduce behavioral interventions that cover body language, etiquette and core life skills in the future.  

This service currently helps you understand your personal style and build multi-purpose capsule wardrobes through 1:1 online consultations.

Watch out for product and service offerings we'd roll out in the future.

How Glibzter WOW works

Glibzter WOW aims to democratize access to personal image consultants by digitizing the delivery of 'data-driven' Image Consultancy Services leveraging the power of technology. 

Take the Glibzter Self Image Assessment

Step 1

Self Image Assessment

Take the Glibzter Self Image Assessment (GSIA) for FREE

This will help your Glibzter WOW image consultant know about your self-development goals in general and personal styling goals in specific.

Assess Your Self Image
Wardrobe Audit Image Consultancy Services  of Glibzter WOW

Step 2

Know Your Personal Style

Fill up the 
'Know Your Personal Style' 
Service Request Form.

Book a 30 minute kick-off meeting with your Glibzter WOW Image Consultant.

Validate your personal styling goals. 

Get suggestions on projecting the right visual image with an overview of clothes, accessories and grooming that would suit your personal style.
Know Your Personal Style
Book Image Consultation
Build a Capsule Wardrobe with Glibzter WOW

Step 3

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe comprises outfits you can wear for every season, occasion and purpose, built by curating and combining pieces in your wardrobe  .

Book a 60 minute meeting with your Glibzter WOW Image Consultant 

During the virtual meet, you will be shown 'Look Books' of clothing and accessories put together for a capsule wardrobe of your choice along with brand page links.

Know More

Knowledge Resources on 
Body Language, Etiquette, Communication and Life Skills


Wardrobe Audit

Coming soon!

Personal Grooming

Coming soon!

Your inputs will help us build a world class image consultancy platform