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    Glibzter is a personality development platform that helps you to improve your communication skills in English.

    Open a different dimension to your personality by communicating effectively.

Why improving your English communication skills is important

Start honing your vocabulary and speaking skills by downloading the Glibzter Immersive Chrome browser extension and web app.

Essential for professional growth

English is the lingua franca (commonly adopted language of communication) of the corporate world. You can land a higher remuneration job.

Social acceptance with advanced English skills

If you speak English fluently, you'd be perceived as being modern, with increased prospects of  acceptability in the ‘modern society’. 

Avail opportunities in higher education

You need strong application of English to clear entrance exams, write a compelling application, and participate in group discussions, and personal interviews.

Influence people and outcomes in your favor

What you speak and how you speak it determines your success in life, by helping you win over people and enhancing your self-image in their eyes in the process.

Master communication skills in English with Glibzter

What Glibzter thinks

"You are judged by your choice of words. They form the foundation for effective communication skills. Master words, and you master life!"
Assess Your Self Image


Percentage of India's population in need of English learning resources.

Duolingo India Report Card (2022)


Position of India  among 113 countries indicating 'Moderate Proficiency'. Down from 48 in 2021. 

Signum International AG's EF EPI 2023 edition


India's Gen Z employees who consider improving communication skills in English essential for career advancement

Peason Skills Outlook Report (2023)


Percentage increase in number of test takers for Pearson Test of English (PTE) in 2022 with 1.3 million students pursuing education overseas.

India PTE Test Data (2022)

How you can benefit from Glibzter

Expand English vocabulary by watching online videos and reading articles

Improve your English Vocabulary

Glibzter Immersive is a powerful browser extension and web application that extracts and curates essential words and phrases to enhance your vocabulary in English while you read online articles and stream movies and watch videos with subtitles.

Glibzter Immersive

Attend online webinars and offline workshops


These sessions will help you learn from the very best trainers in higher end applications of communication, and get your questions resolved directly.

Glibzter WOW
Attend online events for developing communication skills
Access curated knowledge resources to develop communication skills

Access curated knowledge resources


Watch out for the articles we curate and pen on Glibzter's blog - GlibTalk on topics around higher end applications of communication and how you can improve your English speaking skills.

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What problems will Glibzter solve?

Communication skills for influence and impact

Building vocabulary made less laborious

If word lists are not your thing, Glibzter Immersive offers the most immersive English vocabulary acquisition tool that helps you curate words and phrases automatically as you stream online videos and read online articles.

Quantify your Word Power

Glibzter Immersive becomes your digital diary of words and phrases you acquire while streaming movies, or reading online articles. It helps you quantify your word power on a periodic basis, helping you keep track of your progress.

Remembering Vocabulary made contextual

Get to know usage of words by context and situation, and use them in your daily life.