• Building the Grammarly 
    for Soft Skills

    Glibzter (incorporated as Glibz Imagetech Private Limited) is an edtech venture that aims to build engaging digital tools to impart skills of influence and impact that can help elevate the 'self-image' of our users.

    We endeavor to serve college students, young working professionals and anyone wanting to become a better version of themself, by enabling them to enhance and quantify these key skillsets:

    We will look to cover Behavioral Etiquette and Core Life Skills in the future.

Our Vision

To become the most coveted and engagement oriented online personality development destination for users to hone their skills of influence and impact

By 2035, we aim to help India transition to a 'High Proficiency' nation in English speaking.

Our Mission

To develop engaging and value-driven digital tools and knowledge resources focused on honing communication, behavioral and personal styling skills of our users, to enhance their self image and facilitate their journey of upward socio-economic mobility.

Our Values

  • Focus on stakeholder gains: We exist to make a positive difference to the lives of all our stakeholders, be it users, paid customers, investors, employees, partners and society at large.
  • Beginner's attitude: We are co-learners willing to unlearn, relearn, and share our learnings through our journey of user interactions to grow as a sustainable business.
  • Mutual respect: This serves as the foundation of all our stakeholder relationships to be symbiotic.  

Our Credentials

Our Founding Team 

Get to know the people who are helping you to work on becoming the best version of yourself.

Varun C Bhagath Glibzter Founder

Varun C Bhagath

MD and Chief Co-Learner

Varun was a marketing 
communications professional who helped shape and implement the media and communications strategy for over thirty start-ups across India and Africa, as well as global MNCs.

He sees Glibzter as a means of 'Self-Rediscovery' placing himself in the shoes of users like you and joining you in your journey of empowering yourself with practical skills, tools and knowledge resources in the spectrum of personality development to succeed in life. 
Ruchi Bhargava Glibzter Co-Founder Image Consultant

Ruchi Bhargava

Director - Value Added Services

Ruchi is a certified image consultant with over ten years of experience in helping people in their image makeover journeys. 

Ruchi believes that a great image is not an attribute or quality that only a chosen few are born with. It is in you, and can be cultivated by understanding your goals and suggesting easy to implement solutions that are affordable, sustainable, permanent, and tailored to suit your unique requirements.
Himanshu Singh Co-Founder and Head Technology Glibzter

Himanshu Singh

Head - Technology & Product

Himanshu is a problem solver who is passionate about using data and algorithms to solve the toughest problems faced by the world.

His hands-on experience in developing machine learning systems and integrating with cross-platform technologies, besides his skills in programming, data strategy and team management is what he brings to the table at Glibzter to create meaningful impact in the lives of its users like you.