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    Glibzter Immersive helps you pick up relevant words and phrases while streaming online movies and TV shows with subtitles, and reading online news articles. 

    Product on test mode as still under Google and Microsoft verification. 

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What is Glibzter Immersive?

A digital tool in the form of a browser extension and a web app to help you hone your communication skills in English.

The current offering helps in vocabulary enhancement via videos and online articles, with more interesting features to be added in the near future.

We seek your feedback to improve.
and help us build a world class platform for developing communication skills​

Making your English Vocabulary learning experience 'Fun!' 

Learn English from subtitles of movies, TV shows and documentaries online


Stream online videos of movies, TV shows, documentaries, interviews etc. with subtitles.

Learn English vocabulary while reading online articles

Online News

Learn by reading content on online news portals

Learn English vocabulary while reading books

Digital Repository

For words and phrases you come across while reading offline, listening to radio or watching television

Experience Glibzter Immersive on these channels

Online Video Streaming Platforms

Glibzter Immersive | Learn English Vocabulary from subtitles of Netflix movies and shows
Glibzter Immersive | Learn English vocabulary while streaming YouTube Videos

Online News Portals in India

Glibzter Immersive | Learn English vocabulary while reading news articles of The Times of India
Glibzter Immersive | Learn English vocabulary by reading online news articles on Scroll.in
Glibzter Immersive | Learn English vocabulary by reading online new articles of MSN News

More platforms will be added in the future. Let us know your media channel preference and we will look to add them for you

Suggest us media channels you want us to add

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How Glibzter Immersive Works

1. Download and Sign up

Download the browser extension on your desktop or laptop. 

Sign-up using Google credentials.

2. Select a media channel

Watch videos on Netflix and YouTube or read news articles on news portals of MSN, Scroll.in and The Times of India.

Suggest Media Channels

3. Get an estimation of words

Words are categorized by difficulty level on the web page you are on. 

Glibzter Immersive automatically acquires them for you into your digital dashboard in the web app.

4. Make manual entries

If you are reading a physical book, magazine or newspaper, or accessing a media channel other than Netflix, YouTube, MSN, Scroll.in and The Times of India, you can manually enter words and phrases in the Glibzter Immersive Chrome browser extension interface

5. Select words and phrases you'd like to practise

Select ‘Start Practice’ and select words / phrases from the card set of acquired content for you to practise.

6. Practise to remember their contextual usage 

Leverage the power of Generative AI to help you with examples of word / phrase usage across different practical scenarios.

7. Quantify your Word Power

Make your Glibzter Immersive experience tangible, by measuring the quantum of words and phrases you acquire and practise daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and till date.


Glibzter Immersive | Learn English Vocabulary while streaming videos or reading online articles

Seamless Content consumption experience

Enjoy your video watching or online reading experience, without having to pause, jot down the word/ phrase, look at the meaning, jot down and then resuming.

Glibzter Immersive will automatically curate a list of words and phrases of relevance from the content you consume for practicing.

Learn contextual usage of English Vocabulary

Remember new words better through 'Contextual' usage 

Remembering vocabulary goes beyond knowing the meaning, pronunciation and stock usage examples.

Understanding the different contexts where the word or phrase can be used is imperative for better retention. 

Learn English Vocabulary and Quantify Word Power with Glibzter Immersive

Measure your 'Word Power' and track your progress

Use the powerful dashboard that helps you track the words and phrases you have acquired and practiced for the chosen period.

Quantify your Word Power in percentage terms
Glibzter Immersive | The Magic of Learning English Vocabulary

A lot more magic!


Access to content on higher end applications of communication and engagement activities covering the spectrum of "How to Speak" will be introduced in the future with inputs from users like you.


Glibzter Immersive is a subscription based product with a free-tiered offering for 5 days. 

Free  usage

10 online news articles

5 YouTube videos*

1 Netflix video*                     * With limitation of 50,000 words

7 day 
Weekly subscription


30 day
Monthly subscription

₹ 299.00

365 day
Annual subscription

₹ 2999.00

Help us improve this product with your feedback

This version of Glibzter Immersive is a barebones Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Help us make it a world class product with your inputs to help solve all your problems related to mastering communication skills in English.