• Make a defining statement with the way you look. 

    Glibzter is your personal image consultant guiding you on clothing, accessorizing and grooming.

    Enhance your visual image by making it reflect your personality.

Why personal styling matters

Get personalized image consultancy services by booking an appointment on Glibzter WOW.

Glibzter WOW

First impressions

It takes only 7 seconds for people to form an opinion about you based on how you look. All this without you uttering a single word!


Feeling confident in your physical appearance implies higher self-esteem and leads to greater confidence in social interactions.

Professional and social success

There is a strong correlation between personal attractiveness and success in career and being accepted in social circles.

Positive interpersonal connections

Humans like to associate with people whom they perceive as being attractive, well dressed and who know to carry themselves well.

What Glibzter thinks

"How you look communicates volumes about your identity, aspirations, personal interests and values. If you don't look the part, no one will give you their time or money."
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Percentage of India's shoppers showing preference to buy clothing and accessories online

Cyber Media Research (2023)

2.5 hours

Amount of time spent by Indians in researching and purchase as part of online shopping per week

Cyber Media Research (2023)


Percentage of Indian consumers who buy clothing, accessories, grooming and cosmetic products via a subscription plan

PwC Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey (2023)

10 times

The number of times an average person wears a piece of clothing before discarding it for being out of fashion, resulting in a value loss of US$ 460 billion  

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

How you can benefit from Glibzter

Meet your Personal Image Consultant

Get to know your personal style and ways in which you can enhance your visual image with the right combination of clothing, accessories and grooming.

Get an overview of building a capsule wardrobe.

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Wardrobe audit with Glibzter WOW Image Consultancy services

Build your Capsule Wardrobe

Based on seasons or specific occasions, get Glibzter's team of professional image consultants to work their magic for you 

Build a budget friendly capsule wardrobe that not just matches your personal style, but also makes your wardrobe sustainable and versatile.

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Wardrobe audit with Glibzter WOW Image Consultancy services
Build a capsule wardrobe with Glibzter WOW

Access curated knowledge resources


Watch out for the articles we curate and pen on Glibzter's blog - GlibTalk on topics around clothing, accessories, personal grooming and recommendations

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What problems will Glibzter solve?

Benefits of Glibzter's Image Consultancy services

Build an Optimized Wardrobe

Overcome the problem of having so many clothes, but nothing appropriate to wear. Get a personalized wardrobe that is not just trendy, but also customized to your personal style and versatile enough for more than one occasion.

Save money and time

No more reeling under the 'Paradox of Choice'. Get a professional image consultant to suggest clothes, accessories and grooming products for you within your budget and time. 

Avoid buyers' remorse

Remember, your clothes, accessories and grooming products are recommended by certified and experienced image consultants for the occasion you choose. You can be assured of recommendations matching your budget, age, style preferences, job and sustainability among other parameters.