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    Win respect, social acceptance and professional success with the way you conduct and carry yourself.

Why behavior and life skills matter

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Succeeding in the VUCA world

Behavioral and core life skills help us overcome the challenges posed by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in life.

The Future of Work

In an age of disruptive technological change driven by the proliferation of AI, your replaceability is determined by the core life skills you possess.

Increase professional and social acceptance

Showcase behavior that is considered professionally and socially appropriate to make others feel comfortable around you.

Better interpersonal relationships

Relationships are built on mutual respect. Better the life skills associated with emotional intelligence, better would be the quality of your relationships.

Essential behavior and life skills

What Glibzter thinks

"How comfortable you are in the presence of others is a direct function of how comfortable your behavior makes others feel in yours. "
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Percentage of India's youth who may not have the requisite skills for employment by 2030

India Skills Report (2022)

183 million

People to be added to the workforce in India by 2050 constituting 22% of the global workforce

United Nations Population Statistics


Percentage of business leaders saw critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-management as increasingly or equally important skills

World Economic Forum Report (2021)


Essential life skills to upskill the workforce : 

Digital, Higher cognitive, Social and Emotional skills, as well as Adaptability and Resilience.

McKinsey survey on reskilling and skills gaps (2020)

How you can benefit from Glibzter

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Learn Behavior and Core Life Skills practically

Acquaintance with Behavior and Life Skills

Through workshops and knowledge resources, you can get to know about core life skills, behavioral etiquette and body language - essential skills of influence and impact that are rarely taught in our formal education system.

Beyond Theory to Practical Application

The emphasis of the workshops and knowledge resources shared on the Glibzter blog - GlibTalk in the space of behavior and life skills will be to move beyond theory and impart the essence of such skills in a practical manner.