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    Glibzter is a personality development platform helping you enhance your self-image by improving your communication, behavior and personal styling skills to become a better version of yourself
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What is Self-Image?

We see Self Image as a synergy of your ‘Visual Image’ – How you appear and conduct yourself and your ‘Vocal Image’ – What you communicate and how you sound.

Assess Your Self Image
Self Image Perception
Visual Image - How you project yourself

Visual Image

The clothes and accessories you wear; how you groom and project yourself and the lifestyle you lead, as well as your behavior in social and professional environments.

Vocal Image

The way you communicate in terms of vocabulary usage, diction, and the pitch, volume, pace, tone, tenor and modulations of your voice

Vocal Image - How you sound
Enhance Your Self Image

Why managing your image is important

Your image is your unique personal brand. 

With the right image, you open doors to opportunities and pave the path to social and professional success.

Self Image

Your core inner values and beliefs form the building blocks of your personality. It is who you are and how you see yourself.

Projected Image

This is the impression you wish to create in the minds of others through actions such as the way you communicate, behave and dress. 

Perceived Image

This is how you are actually perceived in the minds of others.

Our goal at Glibzter is to help you reduce the gaps between your self, projected and perceived images to create your authentically dynamic personality.

We achieve this by developing your personality through grooming, clothing, behavioral etiquette and communication.

How Glibzter can help you shape your personality

Enhance Communication Skills in English with Glibzter

Communication Skills

From English vocabulary enhancement to knowing how to use your voice, Glibzter will help you improve communication skills related to what to speak and how to speak it.

Glibzter for Behavioral Etiquette

Behavior and Life Skills

Glibzter will acquaint and practically orient you to skills related to body language, emotional intelligence, and etiquette for both social and professional use cases.

Glibzter for Personal Styling and Grooming

Personal Styling and Grooming

Get Glibzter’s image consultancy and personal grooming recommendations to help you pick the combination of clothes and accessories for any occasion that suit your personal style.

Our Current Offerings

Glibzter Immersive

The most immersive way to improve your communication skills in English by:

  • Expanding your English vocabulary while watching online videos with English subtitles and reading online articles.
  • Remembering the contextual usage of words and phrases
  • Quantifying your Word Power

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Glibzter Immersive | Learn English from subtitles of movies and TV shows

Glibzter WOW

This is a service offering in the form of:

  • 1:1 Image Consulting for building a capsule wardrobe and recommendations for clothing, accessories and grooming products.

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Glibzter WOW Etiquette Body Language Training
Glibzter WOW Image Consultancy

We will be working on introducing more interesting, engaging and innovative product and service offerings in the near future with the objective of helping you in your journey of self-improvement.